Sheri Perbeck

Medium, Channel, Transformational Healing Sessions

I am originally from Connecticut, but moved to North Carolina to live at the beach in 2009. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 17 years. We have three grown children, and 2 grandchildren.

I left behind a hectic lifestyle, which included owning a successful salon, to live a more balanced life and pursue my passion --- my healing work. I first realized my spiritual gifts many years ago when my father passed. In life, we had a very strong spiritual connection and after he passed I started to see people who were not physically present. I soon realized these were my spirit guides and they have been present ever since, helping me through my most challenging times.

I believe my previous existence was of the "fairy kingdom" and that I have been reincarnated in this lifetime to teach others to "lighten-up." When you work with me you can expect a peaceful and light-hearted experience, coming away with insight and the ability to tap into your own intuition.

It's all about transforming ones SELF in order to live a more productive, peaceful and harmonious existence.

I earned my Transformational Energy Healing Certificate from the Healing Center in Torrington, CT. The two year program focused on hands on healing. In addition, I've had the unique opportunity to study under the talented Patti Sinclair.

Hours of OperationBy Appointment Daily and walk-in Wednesday's and Friday's
For AppointmentsCall Sheri at 910-477-7553

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